Standard Drafting Service Fee: $50.00 per hour
Minimum Drafting Service Fee: $12.50 per sheet
Maximum Fee for Utility drawings: $300 per sheet
Maximum Fee for Design drawings: No Cap

Formal Prints (Soft Copy): No Charge

Formal Prints (Hard Copy):
1 sheet No Charge (3 sets)
small - up to 3 sheets $15.00 (3 sets)
regular - over 3 sheets $30.00 (3 sets)

Delivery Fees:
next day courier (Letter) $25.00
next day courier (Pak) $30.00
next day courier (Box) $35.00
same day courier (not available in some areas) Cost
return prototype Cost + $10.00

Expedition Fees: based on working days

Services are billed on an hourly rate. Estimates may be supplied upon request. Not-to-exceed prices may also be supplied upon request, but generally tend to be billed somewhat lower than the estimate. Fixed per-sheet prices are also available upon request.

Patent attorneys, patent agents, and corporations over 500 employees are invoiced biweekly. Payment is due upon receipt. Small businesses (less than 500 employees) and Private Inventors are invoiced against retainers only.
Any project request that is received via email, will be considered to be a written contract and will be treated as such both legally and ethically.
Administrative Fees of $15.00 per month are applied to all invoices over 60 days past due.
If any invoice is over 6 months past due and communication with Client has been lost, the account may be submitted to collection. Administrative Fees will continue to accrue until paid.

Additional Services:
SolidWorks, solid modeling, prototyping, casting, and 3D printing have been added to our services menu at the same rates. Creating patent drawings from these solid model files generally reduces patent drafting fees substantially.

Why Technographics?

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Prices subject to change at any time without notice