1. Quality

    All Formal Drawings shall meet PTO, PCT, and EPO specifications for drafting content, or they will be corrected at no cost to you.
    Before Formal Drawings are printed, you will receive Informal proofs to review via Facsimile, USPS mail, or e-mail (.PDF file). Facsimile prints seldom satisfy the requirements for drawings and it is therefore strongly advised that copies of this type are not filed. Only Formal Prints (hard copy or .PDF) carry our guarantee of quality.
    Filing a Design Application with Informal Prints will VOID YOUR GUARANTEE.

2. Timing
    Technographics prides itself on high speed turnaround. Whether your project has a large or narrow time frame, we guarantee the highest rate diligence in producing all drawings.

3. Billing and Price Protection
    Patent attorneys, patent agents, and major corporations are invoiced biweekly. Payment is due upon receipt. Small business (less than 500 employees) and Private Inventors are invoiced against retainers only. Upon request, once a project has been completed, a thumbnail printout and a Project Worksheet may be mailed or emailed along with the Formals. The Project Worksheet states the number of drawing sheets, and the total costs associated with that project. If the drafting charges exceed $300.00 per sheet, your account will be credited. If the project was drawn from a retainer, you will receive a check for the difference.

4. Confidentiality & Safety
    a) No inventions shall ever be discussed with anyone except the patent attorney, inventor, or associate drafters. Please feel free to print a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We will glad to execute it, or take a look at any NDA that you may provide.
    b) Purged hard copies of drawings and sketches are shredded and recycled under the supervision of United Shredding Co. in San Jose, CA.
    c) All new or modified files are backed up daily, and another back-up set is made weekly. These disks are stored in a fire-proof safe. Once every month, a complete system backup is performed on each workstation. These disks are rotated with a second set which is stored in a vault.

5. Modifications
    If an invention has been modified to the extent that the original drawing sheet is no longer usable, each of the two sheets will be covered by price protection, and both shall be added to the total sheet count.

6. Working Files
    Drawings may be modified and re-printed by anyone who possesses a working CADD file. Working CADD files are now available for purchase. If by any event, willing or unwilling, Technographics can no longer produce patent drawings, the company has been instructed to issue copies of all electronic files to the Company or Individual for whom the drawings were created upon their request at no charge.